What’s SSE?

What’s SSE − SSEとは

SSE(Smart Streaming Engine)is new embedded software technology enabling users to interact with Android-based smartphones by wirelessly synchronizing the interactive experience to larger displays without need to touch the other device.

  • Wireless: Smartphone and Wi-Fi connection. No cable connection required, such as USB or HDMI.
  • Bidirectional: Control your smartphone with touch from the display.
  • Versatility: No need to install a dedicated app on your Android phone.
  • Security: Data such as usage history and personal information are not transferred from the smartphone.

Background − SSE開発の背景

Demand for smartphones is still increasing with 2 billion people are using their smartphones for their lives and businesses at this very moment. There is big demand for large screens but there has been the limitation of small smartphone screens. 

High Speed, High Capacity, High Specs

It’s been about 30 years since the Web was born, adding to (1) PC, (2) smartphone, (3) tablet are available as gateways to the Web.
However, over the past decade, there has been no change in those three categories, and smartphone specs have surpassed these.
On the other hand, 5G has launched, and services and contents on the Web are becoming more diversified.

Trends in Large Screens

Displays for using rich contents, such as folding smartphones, are required to be larger screen.
In addition, desktop mode has been featured on android smartphones, and post-PC and tablet less movements are about to begin.

Display with SSE Features − SSEの特長

  • While the smartphone is stored in a pocket or a bag, the smartphone’s app and video contents can be easily viewed on a large screen and wirelessly while the touch operation of the smartphone is intact.
  • Improve the efficiency of mobile operations and teleworking on heavy laptops and tablets by thinner and lighter displays than tablets
  • Secured as no record for usage history and personal information remain.
  • No need for troublesome procedures for device management such as user settings, DL and updates of OS and app required for smartphones and tablets,
  • No matter whose smartphone is, it can be synchronized and used immediately. It is easy to share the device within families, companies, and in a public place.
  • Deployed as an external display by incorporating SSE. No need for the latest and highest specifications like tablets. No Google authenticator or licensing fees required.

SSE Scenarios − 利用シーン

The thin and light display of the SSE-loaded display is easy to hold and hard to get tired.
An innovative display that can be easily used with one hand.

With the SSE embedded display, can watch the same display on a large screen as smartphone’s.
The touching scene continues without interruption.

SSE loaded display is secured device that can be easily lent and shared.
Lendable as no personal user record remains

SSE Application Examples 応用例

With the spread of SSE loaded display, smartphones can be left in your pocket.  Achieve a world where you can have another display option depending on situation that was not enabled by a PC or a tablet.

teamS Business Model & Partnerships − ビジネスモデルとパートナー

We, SSE are looking for potential business partners who work together to achieve the products commercialization, sales channel development and new business creation based on development of SSE and its licensing business.


2021.1.8 スマホの新しいライフスタイルを実現する技術 SSEをCES2021に出展しました。